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Sy Harris

(803) 463-4653

Height: 5’9” 




CAPTIVE AUDIENCE (one act)                                   Laura                         AMDA/Jennifer Bloom

BURIED CHILD (selected scenes)                              Shelly                         AMDA/Jesse Jensen

OUR TOWN (selected scenes)                                   Sam Craig                 AMDA/Jesse Jensen

DISGRACED     (selected scenes)                              Jory (u/s)                    AMDA/Jesse Jensen

ALL FOR FAITH                                                           Renee                        AMDA Student Vision


Web Series

STICKS                                                                         Series Regular            Visual Glass Productions

INFERNAL REALITIES: MENACE                              Recurring                    Monroe Troupe Productions



BFA Performing Arts Acting - AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts

Acting: Eric Scott Gould, Bill Mesnik, Jesse Jensen, Paul Perri, Jennifer Bloom

Shakespeare/Classical: Arthur Hankett, Mark Lewis, Bill Mesnik, Barbara Schofield 

Acting On-Camera/Film: Todd Patrick Breaugh, Cain DeVore, Derek Mateo, Ryan Welsch, Matt Orduna

Voice Production and Speech: Anne Burk, Paola Grande, Toni Smith

Stage Combat: Christi Waldon & Greg Dolph (Rapier & Dagger/Broadsword), Nate Mitchell, Travis Sims (Unarmed)

Improvisation: Katey Mushlin, Thomas Greene

Viewpoints: Jessica Payne

Singing: John Sloman

Dance: John Engstrom

Vocal Viewpoints: Victoria Lavan

Dance Improv and Creativity: Jason Gorman


Southern Strutt Dance Company, South Carolina    Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop

Lexington School of Music, South Carolina              Vocal Training


Special Skills

Dialects: RP, Cockney 

Singing: Alto 

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