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Creativity block/short screenplay competition part II

Updated: May 6, 2023

Oh, hey.

Never mind how I'm giving an update on the competition two years later. More importantly, I've GOTTEN PAST THE CREATIVITY BLOCK! (For the most part).

Instead of an entire block in front of me, it's more of a hurdle that I'm more confident about getting over. Creativity blocks and hurdles are inevitable, but I figured out a useful exercise to at least help overcome it the moment I have perfectionistic tendencies. More details on that later in another post. 👁👄👁

Back to the competition - to recap the first round I did in NYC Midnight's Short Screenplay Competition, which I highlight in Part I, I placed 15 out of 28 people around the world! It was a lot of fun figuring out how to incorporate all of the abstract elements given into the story.

Let's get into Round #2!...

Genre: Fantasy

Location: A Fortress

Object: A Feather

Hmm, okay. Something's cooking here, right? I remember this one coming a lot easier to me than the elements from the first round. It was my first time writing fantasy and I really liked it. This time, I placed 9 out of 28 people, making it in the top 10! (9 is also my lucky number ayy)! I didn't progress to the third round, but honestly, that was okay with me. I was satisfied with my work and my improvement! I would actually love to expand on the script sometime in the future if it feels right.

Competing over the course of two weekends definitely helped me get over not having inspiration to create. I had a two day deadline for each round which sent me over the edge - "I gotta turn this in. I gotta turn this in,"- and I was given three essential story elements to work with.

Again, I'd recommend trying this challenge or any of the challenges on NYC Midnight's website if you're looking to branch outside of your norm and write something you normally wouldn't!

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